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Welcome to CAD School! With over 24 years of experience with Vectorworks we can advise you on the right version of the software, demonstrate it to you and you can buy it from us at a competitive price.

We also offer excellent one to one or small group training which can be delivered online or face to face.

Our other products are nearly all complimentary to Vectorworks or can be used by themselves. Rendering applications such as Artlantis and Cinema 4D integrate very well with Vectorworks and SketchUp models can be imported directly into Vectorworks.

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See It Vectorworks training
CAD packages training

Call us for a free demonstration of 2D/3D CAD software that is best suited to your profession and your budget. See for yourself the difference between similar applications and make sure you are buying the right software, from Vectorworks CAD software packages to SketchUp 3D modelling packages.

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Because we are there to train you, we will not mis-sell inappropriate software and because we are specialists we will inform you of all the options even within one application - prices are competitive including upgrades.

Learn It
Learn Vectorworks, SketchUp

Our core function - teaching you to use the software - equipping you with tools to do the work you do more efficiently and productively - saving the frustration of learning by yourself - unlocking the thinking behind each different program (and they all think differently) - SketchUp, FormZ, Vectorworks training and more will save you money - your time is money!

Most of our teaching is one to one or in small groups of 2/3/4.

Do It
Practice Vectorworks, Sketchup

After we complete your Artlantis, SketchUp, Vectorworks training or other CAD training and CAD courses - we encourage practice between lessons so that you get the most out of the teaching - also we do it when needed - we have flagship projects of animated yachts and buildings that we have done and numerous examples of what our trainees have done.

Who are our CAD training and CAD courses for?

Architects, Interior designers, Product designers, Garden designers, Exhibition designers, Graphic, packaging, theatre, film, Yacht designers, Inventors, Spectacle designers, Illustrators.

If you need to represent anything in 2D or 3D we have a solution for you.

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